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Towards Biofilm Spectroscopy : A Novel Microfluidic Approach for Characterizing Biofilm Subpopulation by Microwave-Based Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy.
Richter, C.; Schneider, S.; Rapp, B. E.; Schmidt, S.; Schüßler, M.; Jakoby, R.; Bruchmann, J.; Bischer, M.; Schwartz, T.
2018. Frequenz, 72 (3-4), 123-134. doi:10.1515/freq-2018-0005
vasQchip : A Novel Microfluidic, Artificial Blood Vessel Scaffold for Vascularized 3D Tissues.
Kappings, V.; Grün, C.; Ivannikov, D.; Hebeiss, I.; Kattge, S.; Wendland, I.; Rapp, B. E.; Hettel, M.; Deutschmann, O.; Schepers, U.
2018. Advanced Materials Technologies, 3 (4), Art.Nr. 1700246. doi:10.1002/admt.201700246
Highly Fluorinated Methacrylates for Optical 3D Printing of Microfluidic Devices.
Kotz, F.; Risch, P.; Helmer, D.; Rapp, B. E.
2018. Micromachines, 9 (3), Art.Nr. 115. doi:10.3390/mi9030115
Phase Change Materials in Microactuators : Basics, Applications and Perspectives.
Wilhelm, E.; Richter, C.; Rapp, B. E.
2018. Sensors and actuators <Lausanne> / A, 271, 303-347. doi:10.1016/j.sna.2018.01.043
Long-Term Stability of Polymer-Coated Surface Transverse Wave Sensors for the Detection of Organic Solvent Vapors.
Stahl, U.; Voigt, A.; Dirschka, M.; Barié, N.; Richter, C.; Waldbaur, A.; Gruhl, F. J.; Rapp, B. E.; Rapp, M.; Länge, K.
2017. Sensors, 17 (11), Art.Nr. 2529. doi:10.3390/s17112529
Transparent, abrasion-insensitive superhydrophobic coatings for real-world applications.
Helmer, D.; Keller, N.; Kotz, F.; Stolz, F.; Greiner, C.; Nargang, T. M.; Sachsenheimer, K.; Rapp, B. E.
2017. Scientific reports, 7 (1), Art.Nr. 15078. doi:10.1038/s41598-017-15287-8
Liquid PMMA : A High Resolution Polymethylmethacrylate Negative Photoresist as Enabling Material for Direct Printing of Microfluidic Chips.
Kotz, F.; Arnold, K.; Wagner, S.; Bauer, W.; Keller, N.; Nargang, T. M.; Helmer, D.; Rapp, B. E.
2017. Advanced engineering materials, 20 (2), Art.Nr. 1700699. doi:10.1002/adem.201700699
Suspended Liquid Subtractive Lithography: One-step generation of 3D channel geometries in viscous curable polymer matrices.
Helmer, D.; Voigt, A.; Wagner, S.; Keller, N.; Sachsenheimer, K.; Kotz, F.; Nargang, T. M.; Rapp, B. E.
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Polymer Structures on Surface Acoustic Wave Biosensors.
Ritter, F.; Hedrich, J.; Deck, M.; Ludwig, F.; Shakirov, D.; Rapp, B. E.; Länge, K.
2017. Procedia Technology, 27, 35–36. doi:10.1016/j.protcy.2017.04.017
An Analytical Solution to Neumann-Type Mixed Boundary Poiseuille Microfluidic Flow in Rectangular Channel Cross-Sections (Slip/No-Slip) including a Numerical Technique to Derive It.
Richter, C.; Kotz, F.; Keller, N.; Nargang, T. M.; Sachsenheimer, K.; Helmer, D.; Rapp, B. E.
2017. Journal of biomedical science and engineering, 10 (05), 205–218. doi:10.4236/jbise.2017.105016
Three-dimensional printing of transparent fused silica glass.
Kotz, F.; Arnold, K.; Bauer, W.; Schild, D.; Keller, N.; Sachsenheimer, K.; Nargang, T. M.; Richter, C.; Helmer, D.; Rapp, B. E.
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An individual addressable and latchable actuator array for microfluidic systems.
Richter, C.; Sachsenheimer, K.; Keller, N.; Nargang, T. M.; Helmer, D.; Kotz, F.; Rapp, B. E.
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Numerics made easy: solving the Navier–Stokes equation for arbitrary channel cross-sections using Microsoft Excel.
Richter, C.; Kotz, F.; Giselbrecht, S.; Helmer, D.; Rapp, B. E.
2016. Biomedical microdevices, 18 (3), 18:52. doi:10.1007/s10544-016-0070-2
Liquid Glass: A Facile Soft Replication Method for Structuring Glass.
Kotz, F.; Plewa, K.; Bauer, W.; Schneider, N.; Keller, N.; Nargang, T.; Helmer, D.; Sachsenheimer, K.; Schäfer, M.; Worgull, M.; Greiner, C.; Richter, C.; Rapp, B.
2016. Advanced materials, 28 (23), 4646-4650. doi:10.1002/adma.201506089
Tacky cyclic olefin copolymer: a biocompatible bonding technique for the fabrication of microfluidic channels in COC.
Keller, N.; Nargang, T. M.; Runck, M.; Kotz, F.; Striegel, A.; Sachsenheimer, K.; Klemm, D.; Länge, K.; Worgull, M.; Richter, C.; Helmer, D.; Rapp, B. E.
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Localized protein immobilization on microstructured polymeric surfaces for diagnostic applications.
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Synthetic enzyme supercomplexes: co-immobilization of enzyme cascades (vol 7, pg 4030, 2015).
Kazenwadel, F.; Franzreb, M.; Rapp, B. E.
2015. Analytical methods, 7 (18), 7924. doi:10.1039/c5ay90065d
Quantification of the influence of endotoxins on the mechanics of adult and neonatal red blood cells.
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Rational design of a peptide capture agent for CXCL8 based on a model of the CXCL8:CXCR1 complex.
Helmer, D.; Rink, I.; Dalton, J. A. R.; Brahm, K.; Jöst, M.; Nargang, T. M.; Blum, W.; Wadhwani, P.; Brenner-Weiss, G.; Rapp, B. E.; Giraldo, J.; Schmitz, K.
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Synthetic enzyme supercomplexes: Co-immobilization of enzyme cascades.
Kazenwadel, F.; Franzreb, M.; Rapp, B. E.
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Polysiloxane layers created by sol-gel and photochemistry: Ideal surfaces for rapid, low-cost and high-strength bonding of epoxy components to polydimethylsiloxane.
Wilhelm, E.; Deshpande, K.; Kotz, F.; Schild, D.; Keller, N.; Heissler, S.; Sachsenheimer, K.; Länge, K.; Neumann, C.; Rapp, B. E.
2015. Lab on a Chip, 15 (7), 1772-1782. doi:10.1039/c4lc01440e
Acoustic biosensors coated with phosphorylcholine groups for label-free detection of human C-Reactive Protein in serum.
Pomowski, A.; Baricham, C.; Rapp, B. E.; Matern, A.; Länge, K.
2015. IEEE sensors journal, 15 (8), 4388-4392. doi:10.1109/JSEN.2015.2419278
Bioinspired air-retaining nanofur for drag reduction.
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Liquid polystyrene: a room-temperature photocurable soft lithography compatible pour-and-cure-type polystyrene.
Nargang, T. M.; Brockmann, L.; Nikolov, P. M.; Schild, D.; Helmer, D.; Keller, N.; Sachsenheimer, K.; Wilhelm, E.; Pires, L.; Dirschka, M.; Kolew, A.; Schneider, M.; Worgull, M.; Giselbrecht, S.; Neumann, C.; Rapp, B. E.
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Advances in DNA-directed immobilization.
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Biofunctional micropatterning of thermoformed 3D substrates.
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Rapid bonding of polydimethylsiloxane to stereolithographically manufactured epoxy components using a photogenerated intermediary layer.
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Connecting microfluidic chips using a chemically inert, reversible, multichannel chip-to-world-interface.
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Microfluidics on liquid handling stations (μF-on-LHS): an industry compatible chip interface between microfluidics and automated liquid handling stations.
Waldbaur, A.; Kittelmann, J.; Radtke, C. P.; Hubbuch, J.; Rapp, B. E.
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Computer-aided microfluidics (CAMF): From digital 3D-CAD models to physical structures within a day.
Waldbaur, A.; Carneiro, B.; Hettich, P.; Wilhelm, E.; Rapp, B. E.
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Online monitoring of biofilm growth and activity using a combined multi-channel impedimetric and amperometric sensor.
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The chemistry of cyborgs interfacing technical devices with organisms.
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Design and characterization of a platform for thermal actuation of up to 588 microfluidic valves.
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Hot embossing of high performance polymers.
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Let there be chip - towards rapid prototyping of microfluidic devices: one-step manufacturing processes.
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Biosensor packaging - adaptation of the surface modification procedure.
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Synthesis and application of photo curable perfluoropolyethers as new material for microfluidics.
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Biosensors with label-free detection designed for diagnostic applications.
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Hot punching on an 8 inch substrate as an alternative technology to produce holes on a large scale.
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Surface acoustic wave biosensors: a review.
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Surface acoustic wave biosensors for biomedical applications.
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Polymer coating behavior of Rayleigh-SAW resonators with gold electrode structure for gas sensor applications.
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