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Dr. Olga Baum

The Institute on Laser and Information Technologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ILIT RAS)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Olga Baum

PhD-title (“kandidat nauk”) obtained (24/99)


Institute Address: Pionerskaya St. 2, 142190 Troitsk Moscow region Phone+007 (496) 7510992: fax: +007 (496) 7510201, e-mail: baumolga∂gmail.com



Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Physics (1990 – 1996)/ PhD degree 24.12.1999; 1999-present: Senior researcher at the Biophotonics laboratory at the Institute of Laser and Information Technologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (lab head Prof. E.N. Sobol). Specialization: theoretical physics, laser optics and biophotonics, optics and spectroscopy.

Leadership experience:

Principal investigator of the project RFBR-09-02-00763; Participation in the Russian Grants: RFBR-10-02-90045-Bel_а, RFBR-11-08-00574-а; Research stay in USA: Dept. Of Physics, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, USA and participation in international conferences: “Photonics West’2002”, (San Jose, CA, USA); “BIOS 2008”, (San Jose, CA, USA), World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 2009 (Munich, Germany). Olga Baum is a scientific supervisor of three young members of the project: Yulia Soshnikova, Evgeniy Sherbakov, Alexey Yuzakov. Dr. O. Baum has the strong experience in international programs and grants: UK Royal Society-RFBR grant No 11-02-92614 “Transport in laser irradiated cartilage tissue using magnetic nanoparticles”; International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) 3360 «Special Infrared Crystals for Medicine and Sensors» - executive in charge of the ILIT; CRDF Cooperative Grants Program (CGP) RUP2-2660-MO-05 “Laser Physics and Engineering of Cartilage Tissue”; CRDF Next Steps to Market Program (NSTM) RUP2-586-MO-05 “Equipment for laser septochondrocorrection”; “Science for Peace NATO Program” Project SfP-973686 «Multiwavelength demultiplexing in high-bit-rate optical communication networks”

Recent publications:

1) E Sobol, A Shekhter, N Vorobieva, A Guller, O Baum, Is it possible to perform laser reshaping of cartilage without dramatic effect on chondrocytes. Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 2011, Vol. 43, Issue S23, P.911-912

2) N. Sobol, T.E. Milner, A.B. Shekhter, O.I. Baum, A.E. Guller, N.Y. Ignatieva, A.I. Omelchenko, and O.L. Zakharkina “Laser reshaping and regeneration of cartilage”. Laser Phys. Lett. 2007, 4(7): 488-502.

3) O.I. Baum, Y.M. Soshnikova, E.N. Sobol, A.Ya. Korneychuk, M.V. Obrezkova, V.M. Svistushkin, O.K. Timofeeva, V.V. Lunin “Laser Reshaping of Costal Cartilage for Transplantation” Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 2011, Vol.43 (Accepted)

4) E. Sobol, A. Shekhter, A. Guller, O. Baum, A. Baskov “Laser – induced regeneration of cartilage” Journal of Biomedical Optics 2011 (Accepted)

5) A.V. Bolchunov, O.V. Homchik, E.N. Sobol, O.I. Baum, A.I. Omelchenko, E.M. Sherbakov “Improving of sclera permeability using non-destructive laser irradiation (Experimental Study)” ophthalmologicconferense “Fedorov reading” (accepted)

6) O.I. Baum, E.N. Sobol, A.I. Omelchenko, E.M. Sherbakov, A.V. Bolchunov “Effect of Nondestructive Laser Radiation on Water Permeability of Eye Trabecula” Laser Physics 2011 (accepted)

7) O. I. Baum, E. N. Sobol’, N. N. Vorobieva, A. V. Kondyurin. Calculations of the Temperature Field During Laser Septochondrocorrection. Technical Program of the International Symposium on Biomedical Optics (BiOS), 19-24 January 2008, San Jose CA, USA, 6842C-67, p. 61E.

8) E.N.Sobol’, O.I.Baum, A.V.Bol’shunov, V.I.Siplivy, N.Y.Ignat’eva, O.L.Zakharkina, V.V.Lunin, A.I.Omelchenko,V.A.Kamensky, and A.V.Mjakov. Eye Tissue Structure and Refraction Variations upon Nondestructive Laser Action, Laser Physics, Vol.16, №5, 735-740, 2006.

9) Patent: O.I. Baum, A.N. Zherikhin, V.I. Sokolov, V.Ya. Panchenko, A.I. Khudobenko, Patent application No. 2215312 "Multichannel device for demultiplexing/multiplexing of light signals in optical fiber networks". Date of priority: 4 Oct. 2001

10) Patent: O.I. Baum, A.I. Khudobenko, G.V. Mishakov, V.Ya. Panchenko, V.I. Sokolov, A.N. Zherikhin, G.B. Cvijanovich, R.T. Williams, Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2205438 "Narrowband optical fiber filter for demultiplexing and multiplexing of optical signals in high-bit-rate multichannel optical fiber information networks". Date of priority: 13 March 2001