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Research and development activities at the Institute of Microstructure Technology are organized within six fields of work that correspond to the names of divisions found in the IMT organization chart (in German).

Optics and Photonics“ are focused on the development of optical components and systems based on micro-optical benches, planar waveguides, and X-ray optical structures that are manufactured by means of deep X-ray lithography, UV lithography, and different replication methods.

The „Microfluidics“ staff develops micro- and nanofluidic systems with integrated (bio)sensors. Such systems are required for many novel applications and measuring tasks, for example in the different fields of modern medicine and biology. Bench-scale devices and small batches are developed to make the systems available commercially.

The field of „Replication“ is aimed at developing technologies for fabrication of large lot sizes of micro- and nanostructured thermoplastic plastic components, for example by means of hot embossing or nanoimprint methods. The technologies developed are tested on small batches.

The research field of „Smart Materials and Devices“ is specialized in the production, characterization,  and nanostructuring of multi-functional layers and in their applications in actuator and sensor components.

Scanning Probe Technologies“ are dedicated to investigating the mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of nano- and microstructures.