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PhD Positions on Perovskite Multijunction Photovoltaics

PhD Positions on Perovskite Multijunction Photovoltaics
Type:PhD position

Dr. Ulrich W. Paetzold

Field of Study:

Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Electrical Engineering or related subjects

Links:Advanced Optics and Materials for Next Generation Photovoltaics

Job description

The rise of perovskite thin-film solar cells in recent years has opened up an exciting route to advance the power conversion efficiency of established photovoltaic technologies. For the first time, a wide bandgap thin-film PV technology is available at low cost that can be combined with established low bandgap semiconductors, such as crystalline Si and CIGS thin-films, in a multijunction module architecture with the potential of surpassing the efficiencies of 30%. Considering that the current world record power conversion efficiency of the market-dominant single-junction crystalline silicon solar cells is 26.6%, perovskite/Si multijunction solar modules and perovskite/CIGS multijunction solar modules offer great promise for a disruptive change in photovoltaics. However, to date several key scientific and technological challenges still need to be overcome to harvest the potential.

At KIT, we engage in this worldwide endeavor and research the fundamentals, novel materials and processes for perovskite multijunction photovoltaics. We are looking for highly motivated and excellent candidates with a strong personal drive for scientific research. Three new PhDs topics in the following research areas are currently available:

  1. Stability of perovskite solar cells and solar modules.
  2. Stable and high efficiency perovskite with optimized bandgap for tandem application.
  3. Printed perovskite photovoltaics.

Looking forward for your application to join our international Team.

Infrastructure and Supervision

The thesis will be conducted within the perovskite PV taskforce at KIT, which combines the expertise and equipment of the groups of Prof. Dr. Uli Lemmer, Prof. Dr. Bryce Richards and Dr. Ulrich W. Paetzold. For the fabrication and prototyping of solution-processed perovskite solar cells a broad fabrication and characterization platform will be accessible via the involved institutes, the Light Technology Institute (LTI) and the Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT). The scientific results will be published in peer-reviewed international journals and presented at international conferences. The thorough supervision and close collaboration within an interdisciplinary team will ensure a high quality Dissertation.


Starting date: as soon as possible

Contract duration: limited to 3 years

Personal qualification:
Applications of highly motivated and excellent candidates with a M.Sc. degree in Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Electrical Engineering or related subjects are welcome. The ideal candidate would have prior experience in solution processed optoelectronics, photovoltaics, and optics.

For the application please provide the following documents in electronic form:

  • Motivation letter (1 page max., please indicate the favored topic)
  • CV including publications
  • Transcript of records / MSc diploma
  • Letter of recommendation

Technical Contact

Dr. Ulrich Paetzold
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Institute of Microstructure Technology
P.O. Box 3640
76021 Karlsruhe

phone: +49 721 608-26357
e-mail: ulrich paetzoldSgz8∂kit edu