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A fast electrochemical assay for fibrinogen targeted for emergency room settings

A fast electrochemical assay for fibrinogen targeted for emergency room settings
Type:Bachelor or Master Thesis or Diploma Thesis or Internship

Dr. Bastian Rapp

Field of Study:

mechanical, chemical, process engineering, microsystem engineering


Job description

Fibrinogen is one of the most important targets in emergency room settings of hospitals. It is the critical factor to be determined quickly as it allows the clinician to decide whether or not a patient may require medication for stopping strong bleedings, e.g., as a cause of an accident. The concentration of fibrinogen in the blood must be derived fast as time is the most critical factor for strongly bleeding patients. The current state-of-the-art method for determining the fibrinogen concentration is a time-consuming and unprecise assay which requires intensive manual labor.

The NeptunLab at IMT is an interdisciplinary research team with a strong focus on analytical applications, material development, additive manufacturing and microfluidics (www.neptunlab.org). The lab has developed a multichannel electrochemical sensing platform suitable for fast and precise measurements of biochemically relevant targets. This work has been published extensively and is a routine platform used by many projects in the group.

Your job will be to use this platform to set up a fast, convenient and precise assay for fibrinogen. The work will be closely coordinated with the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main where the lab cooperates with a leading clinician on the development of fast and precise assay for fibrinogen. The aim of the project is to test and validate the development biosensor in a clinical setting.


Starting date: anytime

Contract duration: 6 months

excellent academic track record, ample experience in mechanical design and preferably in microsystem technology, knowledge of the English language as well as the ability to work in an inter-disciplinary environment

Technical Contact

Dr. Bastian Rapp
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Institute of Microstructure Technology
P.O. Box 3640
76021 Karlsruhe

phone: +49 721 608-28981
e-mail: bastian rappVcb7∂kit edu