n-biotics implant technology

n-biotics is funded within the framework of the EXIST programme by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and the European Social Fund.

n-biotics develops the first mass-market solution for titanium implants in the fight against implant-associated infections. Implant-associated infections represent one of the biggest and not yet adequately solved challenges in modern implantology.

With our technology, we want to solve this problem sustainably and thus help all those affected to more safety and an improved quality of life. Behind the technology of n-biotics stands a team with interdisciplinary expertise from biology, materials and engineering sciences and the approval of medical devices.

Through many years of application-oriented basic research in biomedical micro- and nanotechnology and in cooperation with well-known university hospitals in Germany, we have been able to develop a highly innovative surface technology for the current challenges of modern implantology.


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