BioMEMS and Biosensing, Microfluidics

Prof. Dr. Andreas E. Guber [Contact]

The use of so-called BioMEMS or MEMS/NEMS based systems in areas of the life sciences and biomedicine offers the possibilities for better or completely new applications. Typical examples are microanalytically chip based systems, e.g. Lab-on-Chip (LoC) or µTAS (Micro-Total-Analysis-Systems) and microarrays for Point-of-Care-Testing, microfluidic devices for Tissue Engineering (TE), System for cell cultivation (e.g. cell-based sensors and Organ-on-Chip), microtiter plate based systems for High Throughput Screening, implant surfaces with integrated micro structures, stent based systems for interventional cardiology or micro endoscopes and micro instruments (e.g. based on NiTi) for minimally invasive surgery or endoscopic neurosurgery.

For the manufacture of these systems with characteristic dimensions down to the microscale, the IMT offers a number of microtechnical methods that are based on the vast experience gained from the microtechnical structurization of metals and thermoplastics. For many applications, an optimum process can be found in terms of costs and quality.

We offer the following services to industry and research institutions:

  • Development, manufacture, and testing of micro/nano systems for various applications and uses.
  • Development of individual detailed solutions, feasibility studies, etc.
  • Fabrication of micro/nanosystems tailored to the customers’ wishes.
  • Technology transfer and training in the fields of BioMEMS, microfluidics and biosensor technology

Teaching, Education, Jobs

We offer lectures at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the KIT-CS:

  • BioMEMS-I   (Prof. Guber; in winter semester)
  • BioMEMS-II   (Prof. Guber; in summer semester)
  • BioMEMS-III   (Prof. Guber; in summer semester)
  • BioMEMS-IV   (Prof. Guber & co-workers; in winter and summer semester)
  • BioMEMS-Seminar   (Prof. Guber; in winter and summer semester)

We are offering research topics for bachelor and master thesis to students from all over the world as well as interships.

Typically 4 to 5 Ph.D. students are doing their Ph.D. work in our groups. Open positions will be advertised on KIT’s website for job offers.

Teaching Award 2019 (Photo: KIT)
Teaching Award for Prof. Dr. Guber

IMT researcher and head of the department “Microsystems for Life Sciences” Prof. Dr. Guber (in picture second from left) has been honored with the Teaching Award 2019 of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for his interdisciplinary lecture series BioMEMS I to IV (Photo: KIT).

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Picture of the awards ceremony (Photo: KIT)
KIT NEULAND: Common Project of IMT and IMVT Was Awarded.

Dr. Sadir (IMVT) and Dr. Rajabi (IMT) recently won the prize again (3rd this time) for their project „Removal of Cancer Cells from the Blood” in the category “Ideas Competition” (Photo: KIT).

Review awards ceremony

Scanning electron microscopy: E. coli bacteria try to dock with a nanostructured model surface. (Photo: Patrick Doll, KIT)
With Nanotechnology against Bacteria

Scientists of the KIT optimize dental prosthesis with nanostructured surfaces (Photo: Patrick Doll, KIT).

Picture of the awards ceremony
KIT NEULAND: Common project of IMT and IMVT was awarded

Dr. Sadir, Dr. Rajabi and Prof. Guber recently won the 2nd prize for their project „Salivary sensing-chip for Early Diagnosis of acute Myocardial Infarction” in the category ideas competition (Photo: KIT).
Review awards ceremony
All winners 2017