X-ray optics

  • Type: Lecture
  • Chair: Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Semester: SS 2024
  • Lecturer: Dr. Arndt Last
  • SWS: 2
  • Lv-No.: 2141007
  • Exam: Oral exam, date by appointment
  • Information:



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Additional information:

Lecture language: English
Study period: main study period

Course objectives:

The students from different backgrounds comprehend the physics of the generation, the basic laws of propagation in matter and the detection of X-ray radiation. They become acquainted with different types of X-ray optics and learn the characteristics of these optical components. They understand techniques to simulate these optics.

Learning targets:

The students

  • know the importance of X-ray optics in science and material analysis
  • can describe the basic phenomena of X-ray generation, propagation and detection
  • can calculate the optical path X-rays will follow
  • are familiar with different types of X-ray optics
  • can decide what X-ray optical component is suited best for what application
  • comprehend the concepts of refraction, reflection, diffraction and absorption and are aware of their importance in X-ray optics
  • know the differences between ray tracing and wave propagation methods and can assess what method is applicable in what case
  • conceive manufacturing methods of X-ray optics
  • know how to characterize X-ray optical components

Suggested literature:

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A. Erko, M. Idir, T. Krist und A. G. Michette
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