Microenergy Technologies

Goals and Outline

The lecture addresses students in the fields of mechanical engineering, energy technologies, mechatronics and information technology. A comprehensive introduction is given in the basics and current developments in this new and very dynamically evolving field. The lecture is (supplementary/compulsory) in the master courses of „Energietechnik“ and „Energy Technologies (ENTECH)“ and supplementary in the major of „Mechatronics and Microsystems Technology“ in Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering: Major M&M
Energy Technologies: NN
Energietechnik: NN


  • Basic physical principles of energy conversion
  • Layout and design optimization
  • Technologies
  • Selected devices
  • Applications

The lecture is given in English.

Thermo magnetic energy harvester
Thermo magnetic energy harvester


The lecture includes amongst others the following topics:

  • Kinetic energy harvesting
  • Micro thermoelectrics
  • Micro thermomagnetic energy generation
  • Solid state cooling
  • EM field energy conversion
  • Microsystem enabled photovoltaics
  • Microbatteries and supercapacitors
  • Microfuel cells


  • Lecture notes (overhead transparencies) „Micro Energy Technologies“
  • Stephen Beeby, Neil White, Energy Harvesting for Autonomous Systems, Artech House, 2010
  • Shashank Priya, Daniel J. Inman, Energy Harvesting Technologies, Springer, 2009