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Energy and resource efficient continuous production of a binder emulsion using microstructured devices [in press].
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Development of an efficient emulsification process using miniaturized process engineering equipment.
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Investigation of process conditions for catalytic conversion of carbohydrates by epimerization using a microstructured reactor.
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Selected papers from the 3rd European Conference on Microfluidics: µFlu’12 (Editorial).
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Novel microstructured evaporation device.
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Novel windows for 'solar commodities': a device for CO₂ reduction using plasmonic catalyst activation.
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Metal crack propagation monitoring by photoluminescence enhancement of quantum dots.
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Blue and white light emitting high power density LED modules.
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Micro molecular tagging velocimetry for analysis of gas flows in mini and micro systems.
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Design and characterization of integrated microsensors for heat transfer studies in microchannels.
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Experimental analysis of the influence of wall axial conduction on gas-to-gas micro heat exchanger effectiveness.
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Development of a continuous emulsification process for a highly viscous dispersed phase using microstructured devices.
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Prediction of micro surface cooler performance for different rectangular type microchannels dimensions.
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Investigation of self-similar heat sinks for liquid cooled electronics.
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Heat transfer in microchannels - 2012 status and research needs.
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Vapor-liquid phase separation in micro-/ministructured devices.
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Development on manufacturing process for integrating glass plates with microchannel walls made by micro stereolithography.
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Measuring and modeling the residence time distribution of gas flows in multichannel microreactors.
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