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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Microscopy for In Vivo Metabolomics, Digitally Twinned by Computational Systems Biology, Needs a Sensitivity Boost.
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3D Carbon Scaffolds for Neural Stem Cell Culture and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
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Fast Prototyping of Microtubes with embedded sensing elements made possible with an inkjet printing and rolling process.
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Micro and nano patternable magnetic carbon.
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Novel selective TOCSY method enables NMR spectral elucidation of metabolomic mixtures.
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A microwave resonator integrated on a polymer microfluidic chip.
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Advanced two-photon photolithography for patterning of transparent, electrically conductive ionic liquid-polymer nanostructures.
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Heteronuclear micro-helmholtz coil facilitates μm-range spatial and sub-Hz spectral resolution NMR of nL-volume samples on customisable microfluidic chips.
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Novel ionic liquid - Polymer composite and an approach for its patterning by conventional photolithography.
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Two-Photon Nanolithography Enhances the Performance of an Ionic Liquid-Polymer Composite Sensor.
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