Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)

Nanophotonics for Energy

Prof. Dr. Bryce S. Richards

Prof. Richards leads the Nanophotonics for Energy (N4E) department within the IMT, together with Prof. Ulrich Lemmer. Our department focuses on expanding the future horizons of light-based energy conversion reactions by developing the ability to control and engineer the behaviour of light on the nanoscale. Research efforts span the spectrum from developing fundamental understanding to applying this in real-world devices with a team that combines backgrounds in physics, engineering, chemistry and materials science. The department is comprised of the research groups lead by (alphabetical order):


We are looking for ambitious, creative and self-motivated individuals to reinforce our research team. Applicants should hold an outstanding Master/Diploma or PhD degree in physics, electrical engineering, chemistry, materials science or a related discipline. Our research projects are scientifically demanding and thus requires a healthy balance of both theoretical and experimental skills, as well as the ability to work effectively within a multidisciplinary and international team.

PhD project: Atomic layer deposition of ultrathin oxide layers for photocatalytic membrane reactors

For other areas of research, a list of possible PhD scholarship opportunities can be found here: German, English

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their application documents (CV, certificates, references) electronically as one single PDF file to Prof. Bryce Richards.

KIT Alumni

Dr. Mahdi Malekshahi Byranvand   Scientist; “Advanced Optics and Materials for Next Generation Photovoltaics”, 2018 – 2020
Dr. Kunyuan Xu   Guest Scientist; “Inorganic Nanocrystals for Spectral Conversion”, 2019 – 2020
Dr. Guillaume Gomard   Group leader “Nanophotonic Light Management”, 2015 – 2019
Dr. Nicolò Baroni   Ph.D. in electrical engineering, graduated 2019, “Surface-anchored metal-organic frameworks for optical applications”
Dr. Malte Langenhorst   Ph.D. in electrical engineering, graduated 2019, “Cloaked contact grids for perovskite-silicon tandem solar modules”
Dr. Lwitiko Mwakyusa   Ph.D. in electrical engineering, graduated 2019, “Development and Characterization of Co-evaporated CZTSe solar cells”
M.Sc. Pariya Nazari   Scientist; “Spectral Conversion Materials”, 2018 – 2019
Dr. Michael Adams   Ph.D. in electrical engineering, graduated 2019, “Triplet Exciton Transport in Porphyrin-Based Surface-Anchored Metal-Organic Framework Thin Films”
Dr. Tuhin Samanta   Guest Scientist; “Spectral Conversion Materials”, 2018 – 2019
Dr. Guojun Gao   Scientist; “Inorganic Powders for Spectral Conversion”, “Photonic Markers”, 2015 – 2019
Dr. Michael Oldenburg   Ph.D. in electrical engineering, graduated 2018, “Photon upconversion heterostructures made from surface-anchored metal-organic frameworks”
Dr. Efthymios Klampaftis   Group leader “Novel Concepts for PV Modules”, 2015 – 2018
Doctoral student Tobias Abzieher
Best Oral Presentation at EMRS meeting.

06.10.2017 - Doctoral student Tobias Abzieher from the Light Technology Institute received an award for the best student oral presentation in the Fall Meeting of the European Materials Research Society (EMRS) in Warsaw.

IMT’s Solar Race Car at the KIT Open Day 2017
IMT’s Solar Race at the KIT Open Day 2017.

At the KIT Open Day 2017 the photovoltaics experts at IMT organized a Solar Car Race. The event attracted a lot of visitors, who got the chance constructing their own solar-powered electric cars.