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Matthias Worgull
PD Dr. Matthias Worgull
Large Scale Surface Structuring by Micro and Nanoreplication Processes

Phone: +49 721 608-26828
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Surface Structuring

For polymer surface structuring by replication the processes hot embossing, nanoimprint, thermoforming and roll-to-roll replication are available. In our labs we operate these machines under clean room and/or temperature controlled conditions. Each Machine is optimized for selected tasks so we can adapt processes and technique for a large diversity of requirements regarding structure size, structured area, temperature and materials.

Hot Embossing

Hot embossing system
  • 5 Hot embossing systems for different requirements
  • Structuring area up to 8 inch
  • Double sided molding
  • Vacuum system for mold filling
  • Temperature range up to 600°C
  • Press force up to 1000kN
  • Enhanced molding tools for short cycle times

Roll-To-Roll Replication

Laboratory roll-to-roll system
  • Laboratory roll-to-roll system – optimized for different tasks
  • Force controlled and position controlled
  • Roll diameter: 150mm, width 300mm
  • Roll heating and preheating system
  • Optimized mounting unit for fixation of microstructured shims
  • Mounting unit for steel sleeves for seamless replication of microstructures


Microthermoforming system
  • Microthermoforming system integrated in hot embossing machine
  • Forming by gas pressure up to 5 Mpa
  • Precise control of volume flow and gas pressure
  • Temperature range up to 600°C


Wafer based hot embossing and UV-Nanoimprint system
  • EVG Group EVG510HE
  • Wafer based hot embossing and UV-Nanoimprint system
  • Modified for UV-Imprinting under load
  • Temperature range up to 650°C