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Team members
Name Title Function Phone E-Mail
PD Dr.   +49 721 608-22779 hendrik hoelscherFju3∂kit edu
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Engineer +49 721 608-22727 richard thelenHbd3∂kit edu
M.Sc. Ph.D. Researcher +49 721 608-26839 christian lutzVbo8∂kit edu
M.Sc. Ph.D. Researcher +49 721 608-24430 claudia zeigerSvc4∂kit edu
Ph.D. Researcher +49 721 608-23845 felix vuellersXjg3∂kit edu
M.Eng. Ph.D. Researcher +49 721 608-26836 weibin wuYci8∂kit edu
Dr. Postdoc +49 721 608-23861 maryna kavalenkaMwa8∂kit edu

Alumni and Finished Thesis

36. Meike Kronast: Nanofur Functionalization for Increased Air Retention Stability under Hydrostatic Pressure Fluctuations (Master Thesis, 2017)

35. Pooja Thakkar: Antireflective Photonic Structures Inspired by Glasswing Butterfly (Master Thesis, 2016)

34. Alexander Storz: Fabrication, Characterization and Application of Biomimetic Nanofur Made of Polymers (Master Thesis, 2016)

33. Yann Germain: Increasing the stability of the retained air layer on superhydrophobic nanofur for drag reduction (Master Thesis, 2016)

32. Antje Dollmann: Mimicking the brilliant whiteness of Cyphochilus beetle (Bachelor Thesis, 2016)

31. Radwanul Hasan Siddique: Structural Colors of Butterflies: Analysis and Fabrication of Bio-inspired Nanophotonic Surfaces (PhD Thesis, 2016)

30. Hanna Wund: Herstellung und Charackterisierung von wiederverwendbarem, biomimetischem Nanopelz aus Formgedächnispolymeren zur selektiven Absorption von Öl (Bachelor Thesis, 2016)

29. Marius Schmidt: Biomimetische Nano- und Mikrostrukturen: Oberflächenfalten auf Formgedächnispolymersubstraten (Bachelor Thesis, 2015)

28. Matthias Stefan Heger: Entwurf und Aufbau eines Mikrokanals zum Nachweis der Wasserwiderstandsreduzierung durch biomimetischen Nanopelz (Bachelor Thesis, 2015)

27. Tanzila Tasnim Ava: Optical and Thermal Properties of Natural Materials (Master Thesis, 2015)

26. Gokäy Ersengün: Chemical ordering of catalytic centers by block copolymer approach for in-place carbon nanotube growth (Master Thesis, 2015)

25. Jana Kumberg: Separation of Oil/Water Mixtures with Porous Biomimetic Nanofur (Master Thesis, 2015)

24. Anne-Sophie Böse: Introducing a Functional Hierarchy by Tuning the Elasticity of Microstructures from Polyactic Acid (Master Thesis, 2015)

23. Prerna Sudera: Fabricating polymeric nano hairs biomimicking the ladybug beetle setae for adhesive applications (Master Thesis, 2015)

22. Chunyan Li: Developing Nanofur for Efficient Oil/Water Mixture Separation (Master Thesis, 2015)

21. Yidenekachew Jenberu Donie: Photon management in random nano-hole structures along with triangular gratings inspired by black butterflies (Master Thesis, 2014)

20. Johanna Wolf: Biomimicking: Porous Polymeric Microhairs for a Tunable Elastic Modulus (Master Thesis, 2014)

19. Stefanie Frenzen: Developement of bioinspired hierarchical microstructures based on shape-memory polymers for oil/water separation (Bachelor Thesis, 2014)

18. Budr Albakri: AFM-based study of adhesive properties and morphology of VACNTs (Bachelor Thesis, 2014)

17. Tobias Meier: Magnetoresistive and Thermoresistive Scanning Probe Microscopy With Applications in Micro- and Nanotechnology (PhD Thesis, 2014)

16. Senta Schauer: Programming, and Characterization of Micro-optical Gratings Fabricated from a Shape Memory Polymer (Diploma Thesis, 2013)

15. Andreas Hopf: Applications of Bimimetic Nanofur (Diploma Thesis, 2013)

14. Simone Lischker: Analysis of the Drag Reduction inspired by the Salvinia-Effect (Bachelor Thesis 2013).

13. Michael Röhrig: Nano- and Microstructering of Hierarchical Gecko-type Structures (PhD Thesis, 2013)

12. Annika Biro: Water Harvesting with Nano- and Microstructured Polymer Foils (Bachelor Thesis, 2013)

11. Zhenhao Zhang: Nanoscale investigation of potential distribution in operating Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin-film solar cells (PhD Thesis, 2012)

10. Malte Langewisch: Hysteresis at optomechanical resonances in atomic force microscopes (Bachelor Thesis 2012)

9.    Radwanul Hasan Siddique: Analysis and Fabrication of Optical Structures of Butterfly Scales (Master Thesis 2012)

8.    Guenola Etienne: Hierarchical Surface Structuring Applying Micromechanical Sensors (Diploma Thesis, 2012)

7.    Farid Oulhadj: Process Development for the Production of Gecko-type Structures from Polymers Using Hot Embossing and Hot Pulling (Bachelor Thesis, 2011)

6.    Veronika Hamm: Theoretical Analysis of Contact Angles on Microstructured Surfaces (Diploma Thesis, 2011)

5.    Xiaochen Tang: Nanoscale Investigation of Thin Film Solar Cells Using Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (Diploma Thesis, 2010)

4.    Andreas Achtstätter: Experimental Analysis of Friction at Atomic-Scale Surface Steps (Diploma Thesis 2010)

3.    Kordula Hurka: Development of a Method for the Analysis of the Self-cleaning Effect of Butterfly Scales (Bachelor Thesis 2009)

2.    Frederik Vorholt: Nanoreplication and Microscopic Analysis of Self-cleaning Butterfly Scales (Bachelor Thesis, 2009)

1.    Andreas Niebel: Experimental Analysis of a Scaling-law in the Microstructure of Butterfly Scales (Bachelor Thesis, 2009)