Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)
Monsur Islam

Dr. Monsur Islam

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
    Institute of Microstructure Technology
    Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1
    76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen

Monsur Islam obtained his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST), Shibpur, India in 2013. He worked as a Research Associate in Centre for Nanosciences at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur), India. After that, he obtained his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University, Clemson, USA in 2018. His doctoral research included microfabrication of carbon and metal electrodes, dielectrophoresis based lab-on-a-chip devices, synthesis of carbonaceous materials from renewable biopolymers, and fabrication of porous lightweight 3D complex shapes of carbonaceous materials.


Research topics: Carbon-MEMS, Biomaterial derived carbon, Carbonization, Electrospinning, Dielectrophoresis, Microfabrication.