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IMT seminar 2016 "Aktuelle Arbeiten auf dem Gebiet der Mikrosystemtechnik"

Recent research projects in microsystems technology

Prof. Dr. Jan G. Korvink, Prof. Dr. Andreas E. Guber


Location: KIT Campus North, Institute of Microstructure Technology, Building 301, Room 405

Time: Tuesdays 3 p.m.

External attendees of the seminar are asked to register at the main gate of KIT Campus North. Please have your valid identity card or passport with you. Keep yourself informed about potential changes of the seminar program by calling the secretariat.



From Laser Physics to the Para Hydrogen fueled Raser: A revolution in NMR spectroscopy
Prof. Dr. Stephan Appelt (RWTH Aachen & FZ-Juelich)


Deformed photoresist and what it does to X-rays
Frieder Koch (IMT)

Roll-to-Roll - R2R – Mold Fabrication and Process Development
Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Striegel (IMT / FuE1-NM)


Multilinear Decomposition and its Application in Low Field nD NMR
Dr. Ilgis Ibragimov


Sonderseminar am Freitag, 2.12.2016 um 11.15 Uhr

X-ray lithography activities at Indus-2 Indian synchrotron radiation source
Dr. Vishal Prabhakar Dhamgaye (RRCAT, Indien)


How functionalized electronic materials can bridge the gap from technology to biology in a neural interface
Dr. Maria Asplund (IMTEK, Universität Freiburg)


Development of a matrix material for ‘solid’ solvent synthesis of high density peptide arrays
Barbara Ridder (IMT)


Seminar im Rahmen des 2. Reinraum-Nutzertreffens

Microworks as IMT clean room users – who we are, what we do
Dr. Joachim Schulz (microworks)

100kV E-Beam with Z-Stage EBPG5200Z
Dr. Lothar Hahn (IMT)

Image Interferences observed with the SEM
M.Sc. Randy Fechner (IMT)


Antibody Fingerprints in Lyme Disease Patients deciphered with Peptide Arrays
Dipl.-Ing. Laura Weber (IMT / FuE2-PA)




From Molecular Structure to Global Processes: NMR Spectroscopy in Environmental-Analytical Chemistry
Prof. Andre Simpson (University of Toronto)

Microbead-Based Peptide Synthesis
M.Sc. Roman Popov (IMT / FuE2-PA)




Design of a Regeneration-Based Elastocaloric Microcooling Device
B.Sc. Florian Brüderlin

Microvalve based on Spiral Structured Shape Memory Alloy Foil
Songxiang Wu (IMT / FuE1-SMD)


Multispectral wide field fluorescence microscope
Clemens von Bojnicic-Kninski (IMT)


Multifunctional Nanostructured Epoxy Systems
Prof. Sergio Pezzin (University of Santa Catarina, Jointville, Brasilien)



12.7.2016   ...

Smart personal environments based on micromachined nanophotonics
Prof. Dr. Hartmut Hillmer, Institute of Nanostructure Technologies and Analytics (INA), University of Kassel

Fluid Intake Monitoring
Joachim Kreutzer (TU München)


Sonderseminar am Mittwoch, 29.6.2016 um 10.00 Uhr

Newest developments in C-MEMS and C-NEMS
Prof. Marc Madou (University of Irvine)


MEMS test platform for in-situ characterization of nanostructured shape memory alloy
M. Sc. Randy Fechner (IMT / FuE1-SMD)


Optimization of on-chip capacitors for MACS inserts
M.Sc. Shyam Adhikari (IMT / FuE3-XOM)

Opto-mechanical numerical analysis and optimization for precision optical instruments
Prof. Dr. Zhenyu Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun)






Sonderseminar am Montag, 6.6.2016 um 14.00 Uhr

NMR Present and Future: From Metal-Organic Frameworks to Hyperpolarized Diamond
Prof. Jeffrey A. Reimer (University of California, Berkeley)


Rolled Up Micro NMR Coil
Nan Wang (IMT)

How do brain implants interact with the MR environment
M.Sc. Erwin Fuhrer (IMT / FuE2–BBM)

Root Cause Analysis of Zero-rate Output in a MEMS Gyroscope
Dipl.-Math. Lena Meyer (Robert Bosch GmbH, Reutlingen)


IMINA Technologies - Firmen-Vorstellung

Photovoltaic powered membrane filtration system for brackish water desalination
Sheying Li (IMT)


Enlarging the field of view of X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging for clinical applications
Tobias Schröter (IMT)




Metrology Contributions 2015
Correlated Characterization: More than just measurements

Richard Thelen (IMT)


Studying the Effects of Degradation in Organic Solar Cell Materials using Transient Absorption Spectroscopy
M.Sc. Michael Adams (IMT / FuE4)


In-vitro biosensing: spectroscopy, imaging, sensing
IMT-Workshop (ganztägig)


Oil/water separation with hierarchically structured biological surfaces and biomimetic nanofur
M.Sc. Claudia Zeiger (IMT / FuE1-BSS)


Development of a compound refractive X-ray zoom lens
Dipl.-Ing. Elisa Kornemann (IMT / FuE3-XOM)

X-ray Beam Shaping
Dipl.-Ing. Ottó Márkus (IMT / FuE3-XOM)


Sonderseminar am Mittwoch, 30.3.2016 um 11.00 Uhr

Recent activities in grating-based X-ray phase imaging
Prof. Atsushi Momose (Tohoku University, Japan)


Development and Characterization of Rolled X-ray Mirror Optics
M. Sc. Sebastian Georgi (IMT / FuE3-XOM)


X-ray gratings with sub-micrometer dimension for high resolution phase contrast and dark field imaging
M.Sc. Abrar Faisal (IMT / FuE3-XOM)


Graphene based Nano and Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (N/MEMS) Devices
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yavuz (NMSL, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)

Vorstellung von technologischen Möglichkeiten
Firma Swiss PCB


Interaktion von Immunzellen mit Krebszellen innerhalb einer auf Cryogelen basierenden 3D-Zellkultur
Jan Heckmann (IMT / FuE2-BBM und Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg)



Seminar im Rahmen des Reinraum-Nutzertreffens

Mechanical properties of micro-truss structures fabricated by 3D laser lithography
Dipl.-Ing. Almut Schroer (IAM-WBM)

E-Beam EBPG5200: Features and results of customer acceptance test at December 1st, 2015
Dr. Lothar Hahn (IMT)

Micro-integrated Gradient Systems for Magnetic Resonance Microscopy
M.Sc. Markus Meissner (IMT)


Sonderseminar am Donnerstag, 28.1.2016 um 15.00 Uhr

Optimierung der dielektrischen Detektion von Partikeln in einem kapillaren Strömungskanal
Frau Dorota Truchanowicz (Danzig)


Bioinspired hairy surfaces with enhanced optical and fluidic properties.
Felix Vüllers (IMT)

Bio-inspired adhesives based on the controlled growth of Y-shaped carbon nanotubes
M.Sc. Christian Lutz (IMT)