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Successful start of the Hands on BioMEMS seminar course

In the summer term 2017, the seminar "Hands on BioMEMS" started for the first time. The aim of this seminar was the development of a novel "Organ on Chip". In different groups, the students examined two organs of the human body. They focused on their structure and function and different definitions of projects, like the origin of diseases and the effects of drugs. To optimize their chip systems, the students get the possibility to present their concepts in meetings with some chief physicians from well- respected clinics. In addition they could ask specific questions about the medical background. As a result, the chip systems were changed in the design.

Soon, the final chip systems can be tested in a biological laboratory. The students gave a lot of positive feedback, so the seminar will be offered again next term. For this a few new ideas have already been developed.