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NMR micro probe hardware conception and construction

NMR micro probe hardware conception and construction
Type: Practical course, Block
Semester: SS 2019

Blockveranstaltung am CN
Ort: Institut für Mikrostrukturtechnik (IMT), Campus Nord, Bau 301, Raum 322


Prof. Dr. Jan Gerrit Korvink
Dr. Mazin Jouda

SWS: 2
Lv-No.: 2142551

For registration, please send an email to mazin.jouda@kit.edu


The aim of this practical block course is to familiarize the students with magnetic resonance imaging as a substantial non-invasive non-destructive imaging technique that is widely used for medical diagnosis.

It is also to give them hands-on experience on how to build the MRI probe from A to Z including

  • Mechanical design
  • High frequency electrical circuitry
  • Testing on a commercial MRI scanner
Content of teaching

In order to prepare attendees, the following chapters will be offered, spread over the week as lecture units, and accompanying the practical work:


- Theory of magnetic resonance imaging

-The MRI probe and the principle of reciprocity

- RF resonators

- Coaxial cables and cable traps

- Tuning and matching the MRI probe

- Effects of material susceptibility

- The mechanical support of the MRI probe

- Introduction to ParaVision, the MRI imaging software.


The course includes a concise introduction to the theory of MRI and the hardware of the MRI scanner. This will be followed by a number of work-packages through which the participants will construct and test their own functioning MRI probehead, with which it will be possible to record a proton-MRI image of a sample containing sufficient water. The probehead will be operated inside a Bruker MRI machine at the end of the one week course.

Lecture language: English