X-Ray Lithography - XRL Exposure Stations

CRG: LIGA Beamlines at KARA IMT / KIT
CRG: LIGA Beamlines at KARA. Deep X-Ray Lithography Lab operated by IMT.

The Institute for Microstructure Technology (IMT) operates the clean room facility which is equipped with three LIGA beamlines to perform X-ray lithography. Each beamline is dedicated to a specific task in the LIGA-process, which are high resolution X-ray mask making (LIGA1 / Litho1), deep X-ray lithography (LIGA2 / Litho2) and the full range of X-ray lithography possibilities including ultra deep X-ray lithography (LIGA3 / Litho3) with optimized exposure conditions, depending of the available spectrum, which is filtered by dedicated mirrors.

Beamline Technical/ scientific application Experimental station Specification Source
LIGA I Mask fabrication, patterning of thin microstructures Scanner Energy range:
2.2 - 3.3 keV
Dipole magnet
LIGA II Deep x-ray lithography Scanner Energy range:
2.5 - 12.4 keV
Dipole magnet
LIGA III Full range of x-ray lithography possibilities Scanner Energy range:
2.2 - 20.0 keV
Dipole magnet