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NeulandKIT Neuland article features our team and research

The KIT Neuland magazine sheds light on exciting new innovations at KIT every year. Check out the 2023 edition to learn about our research in the article “revolutionärer Spin” (in German).

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Lehmkuhl-NewsNew project in the context of CRC 1527 – HyPERiON

HyPERiON aims to develop new compact yet high performance magnetic resonance solutions.
Within his project B06, Sören aims to quantify extremely dilute metabolites for disease diagnostics using SABRE and NH-PHIP techniques.

Lehmkuhl-NewsAhmed Hasaneen recieves HyPERiON fellowship

For his Masters‘ thesis, Ahmed develops a PHIP polarization chamber, which allows for the rapid generation of high polarization. One possible application is enhanced polarization on molecular contrast agents for medical imaging.

Lehmkuhl-NewsElene Aslanikashvili recieves HyPERiON fellowship

In her Masters‘ thesis, Elene investigates candidates for water soluble SABRE catalysts, as opposed to the current methanol-based techniques. This would make SABRE much more environmentally friendly and be a huge step towards biocompatibility.

Lehmkuhl-NewsExcellent Bachelor thesis by Leon Middendorf

Over the past four months, Leon has designed and built a custom detector and shimset for our EPR magnet enabling many new applications. We are excited about his excellent work and congratulate to a great bachelor thesis: Congratulations Leon!

WackerJakoba Wacker joins the team

Equipped with a M.Sc. degree in Chemistry from the University of Stuttgart Jakoba joins the team as a new PhD student. As an experienced synthetic chemist, she will work on new molecular contrast agents for MRI as well as develop new routes to maximise their polarization.

Lehmkuhl-NewsCover feature article: The Steady-State ALTADENA RASER Generates Continuous NMR Signals

Our newest contribution in ChemPhysChem shows the feasibility of an ALTADENA PHIP RASER as a tool to investigate chaos and nonlinear dynamics using a benchtop setup and sheds light on nonlinear dynamics of the NMR RASER.

LehmkuhlSören Lehmkuhl becomes Emmy Noether fellow

The DFG has awarded Sören Lehmkuhl with an Emmy Noether Independant Junior Research group. The central research goal will be to develop a new sensor based on the RASER approach.