Correlative X-ray Imaging

Dr. Danays Kunka [Contact]


We are a multidisciplinary team with the aim to develop novel optical elements with two- and three dimensions for multi-modal information acquisition based on small-angle scattering, absorption and phase contrast. These elements should help to broaden the X-ray imaging modalities for biomedical and material science applications at synchrotron facilities and X-ray laboratories.

The current activities concentrate on process and methodology development to pattern the optical elements by various lithographic techniques, characterize and employ conventional and inverted Hartmann masks, as well as Shack-Hartmann sensors for investigation of dynamical processes. Furthermore, considerable research is devoted to enhance the synthesis of the polymer used in the lithography process to obtain better physical-chemical properties and to use the optimized formulation in the fabrication of high aspect ratio grating structures. The novel structures will be employed as the main optical elements in Single-Shot imaging modalities to investigate weak X-ray absorbing samples and composite materials with similar absorption cross-sections by phase and small-angle scattering imaging.


2022: Humboldt research stay of Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Ernesto Estevez-Rams, accompanied by MSc. Kárel García Medina, from the University of Havanna, Cuba. Prof. Estevez-Rams is considered an international authority in microstructure analysis by diffraction with 25 years of scientific experience in the subject after completing his Ph.D. degree at the Vienna University of Technology. Professor Estevez-Rams is a full professor of Physics. Among his responsibilities is the president of the Humboldt Society in Cuba.