Shape Memory Alloys

Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) exhibit remarkable features, including the ability to return to a predetermined shape upon heating (shape memory effect) and extensive reversible deformation and thermal changes with stress (superelastic effect). Our focus is on characterizing the mechanical, thermal, and microstructural behaviors of SMAs


Elastocaloric Cooling and Heating

Elastocaloric cooling is an emerging cooling technology based on stress-induced thermal changes in shape memory alloys. This approach exhibits no environmental impact associated with leakage of the solid refrigerant, and is highly efficient. Our lab focuses on research, design, development, and prototyping of high-performance elastocaloric cooling devices.


Solar Heating and Cooling

Our lab conducts techno-economic analyses for solar-based systems for heating, power generation, and/or cooling applications, with a focus on evaluating photovoltaic, photovoltaic-thermal, and solar thermal technologies.


Thermoacoustic Technology

Thermoacoustic technology harnesses the interaction between temperature variations and acoustic waves to achieve energy conversion. Our research covers thermoacoustic heat pumps, refrigerators and power generators, as well as multi-mode systems.