Biomimetic Surfaces and Scanning Probe Technologies

apl. Prof. Dr. Hendrik Hölscher [Contact]
Biomimetics Group and Friends in 2017H. Hölscher, KIT

Photo: biomimetics group together with friends at the 644. WE-Heraeus Seminar in Bad Honnef (2017)

Our group comprises physicists, mechanical and electrical engineers, having an expertise in characterization of mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of surfaces on nano- and microscales. We are passionate in developing and building fancy atomic force microscopes. Furthermore, we like to discover the secrets of plants and animals like butterflies and geckos. We work in an interdisciplinary atmosphere focusing on the nano- and microfabrication of bio-inspired structures.

If you are looking for a collaboration or a group to do your Ph.D., Master, or Bachelor thesis you are at the right place! Please contact us.

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