Welcome to CORREL – the nuclear magnetic resonance and X-ray imaging correlative characterization laboratory

CORREL Lab is a unique facility that combines nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and X-ray imaging (XRI) in a single instrument with the purpose to conduct correlative NMR and XRI characterization of dynamic processes such as, for example, electrochemical processes and catalytic reactions. At CORREL, we will attempt to give answers to interdisciplinary scientific questions, we will explore new materials and processes, we will address present days energy issues and we will advance the understanding of fundamental biology and chemistry challenges together with colleague researchers from around the world.

CORREL is a KNMFi infrastructure and its activity is directly embedded in subtopic 1 - Platform for Correlative, In Situ and Operando Characterization and subtopic 4 – Correlative Data Science of Program 3 Topic 5 – Materials Information Discovery within the PoF IV Helmholtz programme.