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Selected Publications*:

  1. Popov R, Shankara G K, von Bojnicic-Kninski C & Nesterov-Mueller A (2019) Renaissance Distribution for Statistically Failed Experiments. Int J Mol Sci 20, doi:10.3390/ijms20133250.

  2. Foertsch T C, Davis A T, Popov R, von Bojničić-Kninski C., Held F E, Tsogoeva S B, Loeffler F F, Nesterov-Mueller A (2019) Spatial Modes of Laser-Induced Mass Transfer in Micro-Gaps. Applied Sciences 9 (7), 1303.

  3. Palermo A, Thelen R, Weber L K, Foertsch T, Rentschler S., Hackert V., Syurik J., Nesterov-Mueller A (2019) Vertical Scanning Interferometry for Label-Free Detection of Peptide-Antibody Interactions, High-Throughput 8 (2).

  4. Palermo A & Nesterov-Mueller A (2019) Serological Number for Characterization of Circulating Antibodies. Int J Mol Sci 20, doi:10.3390/ijms20030604.

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  6. Loeffler F F, Foertsch T C, Popov R, Mattes D S, Schlageter M, Sedlmayr M, Ridder B, Dang F-X, von Bojničić-Kninski C, Weber LK, Fischer A,Greifenstein J, Bykovskaya V, Buliev I, Bischoff F R, Hahn L, Meier M A R, Bräse S, Powell A K, BalabanT S, Breitling F, Nesterov-Mueller A (2016) High-flexibility combinatorial peptide synthesis with laser-based transfer of monomers in matrix material. Nature Communications, DOI: 10.1038/NCOMMS11844.
  7. Nesterov-Müller A (2016) Erfolgreicher Grenzgang : Bunsen und Kirchhoff: Entdeckung der Spektralanalyse, Physik in unserer Zeit, 47: 233–237, DOI: 10.1002/piuz.201601440.
  8. Maerkle F, Loeffler F F, Schillo S, Foertsch T, Muenster B, Striffler J, Schirwitz C, Bischoff F R, Breitling F, Nesterov-Mueller A (2014) High-Density Peptide Arrays with Combinatorial Laser Fusing, Advanced Materials, V. 26: 3730–3734.
  9. Nesterov-Mueller A, Märkle F, Förtsch T, Schillo S, Hahn L, Bykovskaya V, Sedlmayr M, Soehindrijo M, Münster B, Striffler J, Bischoff F R, Breitling F, Loeffler F F (2014) Particle-based microarrays of oligonucleotides and oligopeptides, New and Old Technologies for Generation of Microarrays, Microarrays, 3, 245-262.
  10. Loffler F, Cheng YC, Fortsch T, Dorsam E, Bischoff R, Breitling F and Nesterov-Mueller A  (2011) Biofunctional Xerography, InTech  ,  in  Biotechnology of Biopolymers ISBN 978-953-307-179-4, p 275-290.
  11. Nesterov A, König K, Felgenhauer T, Lindenstruth V, Trunk U, Fernandez S, Hausmann M., Bischoff F R, Stadler V und Breitling F. (2008) Precise selective deposition of microparticles on electrodes of microelectronic chips. Rev. Scientific Instruments, 79, 035106.
  12. Beyer* M, Nesterov-Mueller* A (shared first authors), Block I, König K, Felgenhauer T, Fernandez S, Leibe K, Torralba G, Hausmann M, Trunk U, Lindenstruth V, Bischoff FR, Stadler V und Breitling F. (2007) Combinatorial synthesis of peptide arrays onto a computer chip’s surface. Science 318, 1888.
  13. Nesterov-Müller A (2006) Ortsgenaue Ablagerung von Aminosäurepartikeln für die kombinatorische Synthese von Peptidarrays auf einen Chip, Dissertation, Universität Heidelberg.
  14. Nesterov A, Paasch G, Scheinert S und Lindner T (2002) Simulation study of the influence of polymer modified anodes on organic LED performance. Synthetic Metals 130, 165-175.
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  16. Nesterov AV, Niziev VG und Yakunin VP. (1999) Generation of high-power radially polarized beam. J. of Phys. D Appl. Phys. 32, 2871-2875.
  17. Niziev VG and Nesterov AV. (1999) Influence of Beam Polarization on Laser Cutting Efficiency. J. of Phys. D Appl. Phys. 32, 1455-1461.


* My name has changed because of emigration and family reasons. My publications were written under different names: Nesterov AV, Nesterov A, Nesterov-Mueller A