Since its foundation in the late 1950s, the Institute of Microstructure Technology has been jointly run by the former University of Karlsruhe and the Karlsruhe “reactor station”. That’s why the institute has been contributing essentially to academic teaching and training. In the diverse courses, doctoral studies, and student projects that we offer, scientific-technical excellence is combined with adequate teaching and training, both of which will remain an important task of IMT.

We are always looking for (graduate) students to work on research projects (internship, bachelor, master, dissertation, and other projects) driven by the broad range of research activities at IMT. Check the current offerings (Student Research Projects and Dissertations), some of which can be adapted to specific interests of potential candidates, or get in touch with us.

Tuesday afternoons the Institute of Microstructure Technology traditionally hosts its seminar, where IMT’s current research in microsystems technologies is presented by different speakers. Furthermore external guests are invited to present additional highlights. Check the seminar program here.

A seminar focusing on recent research in BioMEMS is offered on occasion. Check the schedule and program of this seminar here.