Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)

Innovation and Upscaling

Whereas laboratory scale experiments are good for proof-of-principle, new scientific challenges arise when micro and nano structuring is driven towards industrialisaton.

The main activities are the design, the manufacture, the development of novel micro- and nanofabrication methods, the characterisation of nano- and microstructured components, and the assembly of complex microsystems. For this a large diversity of micro- and nanofabrication techniques like polymer patterning and replication by roll-to-roll process, lithography processes and 3D patterning are available.

Large Scale Microstructuring by Roll-to-Roll Process

Seamless replication of microstructures in a large diversity of materials combined with an enhanced mold fabrication technique.

M. Worgull

Nanothermoforming – Large Scale Replication of 3D Nanostructures Using Smart Materials

A process to generate 3D structures by nanoimprint technique and an active layer of shape memory polymer.

M. Worgull

Structuring of High Performance Materials

Large scale structuring of materials beyond polymers, e.g. glass, metals, metallic glass and unconventional materials like “liquid wood”.

Bio-Inspired Materials (H. Hölscher)
Metals and Metallic Glass (M. Worgull)

Polymer Multilayer – Forming of Polymer Stacks with Different Layers

Generating a multilayer film by spincoating and further forming into 3D shapes to control optical properties.

M. Worgull

Innovative Mold Fabrication for Replication Processes

Enhanced Electroplating processes for microstructures on steel substrates, curved surfaces and large areas.

Mold Inserts (M. Guttmann)
Mold Fabrication for Roll-to-Roll (M. Worgull)

Enhanced Lithography Processes for 3D Structuring in Micro- and Nano Scale

2Photon lithography as innovative structuring method for 3D prototyping combined with nanoimprint features.

Lithography Processes (K. Bade | S. Hengsbach)
Lithography for Roll-to-Roll Molds (M. Worgull)