Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)


We develop novel shape memory alloy (SMA) film damper devices using the dissipative mechanisms of either the superelastic effect (SE) or thermal shape memory effect (SME). These effects result in a nonlinear stress-strain response and hysteresis allowing the engineering and control of dissipative processes at large stress and strain levels up to 500 MPa and 5%, respectively. Owing to the large surface-to volume ratio of SMA films rapid heat transfer leads to time constants in the millisecond regime. This enables a new generation of smart miniature damper systems for portable or mobile applications combining noise- and jerk-free operation. The figure shows a sketch of a miniature camera module to investigate the effect of SMA film damping and of suitable control strategies on the overall system dynamics.

  Sketch of a miniature camera module consisting of a platform that is controlled by SMA microdevices



Ahmadi, Shahabeddin  PhD student