Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)


Our research deals with the development of new and emerging micro and nanotechnologies with applications in energy generation, light management, data communication, biology and life science and sensing. Special focus is on advanced manufacturing and in upscaling technologies to larger areas. As a member of the Helmholtz Association our research addresses two fields: key technologies and energy.

Publications & Patents

To get an overview of our latest research, view our most recent publications and dissertations or read about our innovative technological applications and patents. Lists of publications grouped by topic are also included under each of the research areas.

Research Areas

Our interdisciplinary research areas comprise a wide range of projects conducted by teams of scientists. In addressing complex and challenging research topics we are collaborating with international institutions. To generate innovation we are co-operating with industry.

Microsystems for Life Science

The life sciences, covering biology, pharmacology and medicine, benefit from precise and automated operations to effect, detect, and control the processes of life in vitro and in vivo.

Theory and Simulation for Design

Our research focuses on developing and applying novel simulation tools to support MEMS and NEMS design processes.

Photonics, Plasmonics and Teratronics

Our research covers technologies and applications of plasmonic devices and of photonic integrated circuits (PIC). In the framework of our activities in the field of tertraonics, we focus on generation, processing, and detection terabit/s data streams and of electromagnetic waveforms at THz bandwidths.

Imaging and Spectroscopy

Research is driven by the need for higher spatial, temporal and spectral resolution, and the desire to acquire correlative imaging information and hyperspectral data on materials and biological systems.

Photovoltaics and Energy Technologies

Within IMT we develop novel materials, devices, and methods that are required for efficient solar cells, photovoltaic energy systems as well as energy harvesting and cooling systems.

Micro/Nano Sensors and Actuators

Our research focuses on developing and applying novel actuator and sensor concepts for MEMS and NEMS applications.

Smart Materials and Structures

Focus of our research is the development of smart tunable 3D surfaces using functional materials like shape memory polymers.

Innovation and Upscaling

Transfer of wafer scale fabrication processes to large area to achieve industrial scale throughput including commercialization and robust quality control.

Advanced Manufacturing and Printing

Our research focuses on the exquisite control of shape and composition at the micro and nano length scale.