Research Groups

These pages are dedicated to the research groups and researchers of the Institute of Microstructure Technology. You know our colleagues from a paper, a conference, or a business card? Here you will find more about their expertise, research projects, news, teams, networks and much more.

Research Groups
Principal Investigators   Research Topic
Ahrens   BioMEMS
Bade | Hengsbach   3D Photonic Integration
Badilita   Spin & Photon Applications (SPA) Laboratory
Brandner   Microstructures and Process Sensors
Breitling   Peptide, Chemical and Material Arrays
Doll   n-biotics implant technology
Gruhl   3D-Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering
Guber   BioMEMS and Biosensing, Microfluidics
Guttmann   Mold Inserts and Electroplating Processes
Hölscher   Biomimetic Surfaces and Scanning Probe Technologies
Hohmann   Advanced Nanofabrication
Howard   Advanced Materials and Optical Spectroscopy (AMOS)
Hudry   Luminescent Nanocrystals
Jouda   NMR Microtechnologies for Imaging and Spectroscopy
Kohl   Smart Materials and Devices
Koos   Teratronics and Photonics
Korvink   Magnetic Resonance Microscopy and Related Topics
Kunka   Correlative X-ray Imaging
Länge   Biosensing and Biofunctionalisation
Last | Meyer | Börner   Applied X-ray Imaging Systems
Lemmer   Smart Nanosystems and Printed Functional Systems
MacKinnonn   NMR Spectroscopy for Metabolomics and Signalling
Mager   Low-cost MEMS
Nesterov-Müller   Molecular Search Engines
Paetzold   Next Generation Photovoltaics
Rapp, M.   Novel Detection Methods in Biological and Chemical Sensing
Richards   Nanophotonics for Energy
Sommer   Nanosensors
Turshatov   Materials for Spectral Conversion
Worgull   Large Scale Surface Structuring by Micro and Nanoreplication Processes