Large scale microstructuring by Roll-to-Roll process

The focus of this work is concentrated in the development of a process chain for surface structuring on large scale by roll-to-roll processes. The work is split into toll development by lithographic and electroplating processes to obtain seamless structured tools with structure sizes below 10µm. Besides the tool development we concentrate on the adaption of the process to structure surfaces in a large diversity of polymer films and also metal films. For this we use a modular roll-to-roll system with different heating and cooling options and also a modular tool fixation unit to mount seamless sleeves or microstructured shims.


Seamless microstructured tools for Roll-to-Roll replication


Fabrication of microstructured molding tool by lithographic and electroplating processes on a sleeve with 150mm diameter. By this process chain seamless microstructured molding tools are available.



Mounted sleeve in the roll-2-roll replication unit. The modular built roll-to-roll replication system allows the adaption to different molding tools and materials.